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Helping people understand each other, all across the world.

Hello, and welcome to the website for Worldview Consulting.

As we say in our slogan, we help people (and organizations) understand each other. We do so by conducting and analyzing such activities as interviews, observations, and surveys in a variety of diverse settings and for a variety of multicultural and cross-cultural peoples. Our analyses result in the production of a worldview, which is a systematic description of the particular ways that people make sense of a given experience. Perhaps you've heard of some of the regional surveys that we do as a service to community via KKNW's TheNEWPhenomenologists radio show.

We utilize automated procedures and Big Data analyses to produce a worldview of people's beliefs, experiences, and values, according to their own words. Understanding these worldviews—and the specific ways that people describe them—facilitates empathy and increases the effectiveness of communication.

Our chief operators are experts in culture, psychology, and research methods, having spent decades researching and teaching others about such topics, as well as applying them in various business, community, and governmental settings. They have pioneered efficient, reliable, and valid methods for understanding and responding to the experiences, opinions, and perspectives of others. Whether you're interested in the beliefs and practices of your local community, or the ideas and perceptions of an internationally diverse group (or something in-between), we can help you gain actionable understanding in amazingly fast time.

If you want to better understand a particular group of people's experiences, thoughts, or values, then please contact us. You'll be amazed at the speed and utility of your results, and those you care about will be amazed at your ability to relate with them. Because we are quite efficient compared to others, you'll also be amazed at our prices.

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